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Revenue Funnel Model and Metrics Analysis

Revenue Funnel Model

Align Marketing and Sales


We will use our pipeline modelling tools to help you build your end-to-end revenue metrics model and a funnel architecture by customer segment. The process identifies the mix of leads generated by marketing  vs sales.  We analyze customer lifetime value (CLTV) by segment and identify the number of marketing qualified inquires (MQIs), Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) you will need to deliver on your revenue goals. This analysis sheds light on the range of campaigns and programs that can best align with the segment strategies and personas.

Typical Approach Customized to Your Needs:

  • Two Hour Workshop: Build your revenue and funnel metrics model  by segment
  • Lifetime Value Analysis. Assess your segment lifetime value metrics and priorities
  • Segment Strategies: Identify opportunities for inbound and outbound programs.